Dec 8, 2008

Quilting, sewing, making lists

I finished another quilt top last night. Wow -- is that actually TWO in one week? That may be a record for me -- or simply the fact that I suddenly realized Christmas is a little more than two weeks away! The one I completed last night is a nap-cuddle up on the couch quilt for Brayden. Cutting and sewing the quilt only took me about six hours -- but choosing the colors -- lordy, that took me two days! Almost 3 yr old Brayden is all about propellers lately, so I'm going to quilt the spinning wheels with propeller shapes (it makes sense in my head -- not so much in words!) The Pine Tree Quilt should be completed tonight. Just have to hand sew on the binding, and I'll do that while I watch TV tonight. (The last episode of The Amazing Race is on the DVR waiting for me!) I finished the socks I wanted to get done, and those all get mailed out this week. No photos -- family reads the blog. Really all I have left to do for homemade gifts are two quick wallets to "gussy up" gift cards. Maybe three. Oh, and an Mp3 player case. Or two of those. Shoot -- I need to quit thinking. The more I think, the more gifts to make I come up with... This is a busy busy week for me, with the exception of today. Today I will spend at least an hour cleaning my quilt room. It's gotten messy from the sewing that's gone on lately, and once it gets messy, I don't want to go in it. So clean it I shall! (Can you hear that determination in my voice?) (No, I didn't think so.) The rest of the afternoon will be spent sewing. Tomorrow is hopefully my last day of shopping. I really only have stocking stuffers left, plus gifts for my daughter but if she doesn't give me some ideas soon, she's going to get a lump of coal a gift card. Wednesday and Friday, of course, I'm babysitting for Brayden. We'll be making those white felt Christmas ornaments I showed in a previous post (scroll down). Brayden will sit on a stool beside me at the sewing machine for hours IF he can help me with pushing the buttons on the sewing machine. I have a Janome 6600P computerized machine, so there are a LOT of buttons he can push for me! With this craft I will let him select the decorative stitches we use, and we should be able to knock out a whole bunch of these sweet ornaments! My husband will be on vacation Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, so he'll be around to help with Brayden. Ha! Who am I kidding? Brayden would rather spend time glued to "Umpa" than with any other person in this world. I will hardly even see them! Hear them? Yes. See them? Not so much. I won't be able to sew unless Jeff takes Brayden out somewhere... which I will suggest. Jeff's birthday is this Sunday, and his birthday dinner choice is lasagna and garlic bread. Much of Saturday will be spent cooking, since Lasagna is always better the second day. I make a GREAT lasagna, taught to me by an elderly Italian lady more than 25 years ago. I'll write it down as I make it and post it here next week. Worth coming back for! On Sunday after the birthday dinner and opening presents, I hope we (Jeff, myself, daughter Mary and grandson Brayden) will pile into the car and head to a local park that has a wonderful drive-through, old-fashioned Christmas light display, and then get Brayden's photo taken with Santa. Hopefully, he won't scream like he did last year. Hopefully.

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Laura G. said...

What coincidence- my birthday is also Sunday (14th) and my favorite bd dinner has always been lasagna! I now realize how much my mom worked every year to make it for me, as well as homemade birthday cake, usually a checkerboard. Can't wait to see your recipe! Happy birthday to Jeff!