Dec 7, 2008

Quick Christmas crafts for your sewing machine

I wish I could say I come up with great creative ideas on my own -- but I don't. I read a web site called Dollar Store Crafts and am constantly amazed at how creative people think of the things they do. Me? I'm a follower in world of craft ideas. Give me a pattern or written instructions, and I'm good to go. But don't ask me to think of them on my own! I have several blogs I go to on a regular basis just because they are THAT KIND of creative crafter -- they do the thinking and let me do the copying. Today was one of those slap-my-forehead and why-didn't-I-think-of-that days, when I saw this Christmas tree ornament (or gift tag if your sewing machine can embroider names!) on a website called Craftlog: Alright, how easy is that? In fact, I'm going to do this project with my grandson, and take advantage of his love for my sewing machine. Or how about these little Scrappy Tree ornaments (or, again, gift tags) from the afore-mentioned Dollar Store Crafts web site: I think a little jingle bell sewn to the bottom of the tree would add another degree of "cuteness" to this project! A big thank you to all you creative bloggers out there who take the time to make tutorials to go with your wonderful creations! You make the rest of us look so darn creative too!

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Heather - said...

Ooh, great idea on the jingle bell! I love those top ornaments.