Oct 4, 2012

My take on the Presidential Debate

I watched most of the presidential debate last night, then got up this morning and read the actual transcript of the debate. I was not a huge Romney fan prior to the debate, but I am now. I don't ever talk politics on this blog (though my FaceBook friends are tired of me ranting about politics!), but I'm going to make an exception to the rule because I found the debate fascinating.

Mr. Obama is known to be a charismatic speaker, who appeals to his audience's emotions. No one can doubt that the man gave some impressive speeches when he was running for election in 2008. Heck, I came THIS close to voting for him myself.

My grandson, you see, is bi-racial. Half caucasian, half Afro-American. I hoped that Mr. Obama would pave the way for the future of kids like my grandson. I hoped he would bring the country together on the common denominator of being American, opposed to being white vs black, have's vs have-not's. Unfortunately, our country is more ripped apart than ever. Obama hasn't just divide our country by political party, he has divided it by race as well. At this rate, I am afraid my grandson is going to have to "choose a side," which is the exact opposite of what I wanted for him. I am also sorely disappointed in how Mr. Obama has spent four years cringing or wrinkling his nose every time he says the word "Republican" -- as if every Republican is no more than dirt beneath his shoes. What he's missing is that 53% of normal, every day, tax paying, God fearing American people are "Republican". Republican politicians are in office as our representatives and because we elected them. They represent 53% of American people. And to say the word "Republican" similar to the way you would say "dog poop" is a direct insult to every single American who considers themselves a Republican. I don't care for a President who insults me personally every time he speaks.

Mr. Romney, however, came across in the debate as caring for AMERICANS. Not just Americans in poverty, not just Americans in economically distressed neighborhoods, but ALL Americans. From the rich to the poor, we need to be ONE. I believe America needs to take care of it's own -- our children, our elderly, and our severely disabled. Mr. Romney believes the same. I believe our children need a good education and that teacher unions impede that goal. Mr. Romney believes the same. I believe the Federal Government has taken over too many roles in our daily lives, and has crippled small business with it's regulations and paperwork requirements. Mr. Romney believes the same.

I strongly believe that America must return to having the strongest military on the planet. That no country in the world should think twice about attacking us or our lifelong allies, including Israel, in fear that the wrath of our military will come down on them. For us to be cutting military spending right now, when the threats against our country are very real, is ludicrous. Mr. Romney believes the same.

I believe our health care system needs revamping, and that affordable medical care and prescriptions for all Americans needs to happen. But Obamacare is not the answer. Increases in deductibles for those that have jobs to pay for medical coverage for those who don't is not the answer. And understand, I know this one first-hand because our medical coverage through my husband's job is apparently a beta-version of Obamacare, and in two years we are paying three times more for our medical insurance, yet I now pay $140 for a routine doctor's visit vs. the $25 I paid two years ago. We've gone from no deductible to a $2500 deductible, and from paying $7 to $10 for prescriptions to paying full price. My daily asthma inhaler alone is $174 a pop now! I have refused prescriptions for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, simply because that's another $300 a month that we won't be able to afford when my husband retires in three years. My husband makes a great salary and we live a comfortable life, so I can't imagine how someone on a fixed income or making far less money will be able to afford any kind of routine medical care under Obamacare.

And that's not even talking about this 15-member un-elected panel that is going to be making medical decisions for you and I. I was disappointed that Romney didn't run with this one. This one facet of Obamacare makes it worth repealing. If you're not familiar with this 15 member Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), you certainly need to be. You can read more here.

If you missed the debate or wish to read it word for word, simply Google "Transcript of 2012 presidential debate". Undoubtedly the video version is available as well.

I'm really looking forward to the debate concerning foreign policy. What's going on right now is despicable. We are sending literally billions of dollars to countries who hate us and would/will do us harm as soon as possible. We're reducing military funding at a time when we're facing a nuclear war at the hands of Iran, and we're having chit-chats with world leaders who are laughing behind our backs. This just can't go on for another four years!

I'm also concerned about immigration policies and Obama's wishy-washy turn-your-back-and-pretend-it's-not-happening attitude. I need to hear more about Romney's solutions to this very real problem. If you live in a part of the country where illegal immigrants are NOT a problem, lucky you. It's a very real problem here in southwestern Ohio that absolutely needs a solution, not a "oh, they're fine" wave of the hand.

I'm NOT so concerned about the Vice Presidential debate. Although the office of Vice President is an important one, in that he would replace the president if need be, for the day to day running of the country, the Vice President is not a critical player, in my book. Many vice presidents are little more than joke-fodder, and Joe Biden has been no exception. Let's not forget his using the F word at the signing of Obamacare. And that was pretty much his highest point in his vice presidential career. I almost hate to see Paul Ryan win as Vice President, because the man is very fiscally conservative and his voice and influence will be missed in the Congress.

This is a critical intersection for our country. Whatever your party affiliation, I hope you will make an informed decision based on what YOU want for this country, and which candidate can best deliver policies that represent your beliefs.

For me, so far, that man is Mitt Romney.

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> I strongly believe that America must return to having the strongest military on the planet.

Really? So do you see the future as just unending military spending? Here's a better approach...