Oct 5, 2012

My first quilt contest - vote now!

Quilts are in alphabetical order - scroll down to bottom of page and look for
"Miss Aimee's Quilt" 

I've posted a photo of the quilt I made for Miss Aimee before, but I got brave and entered it in the weekly quilting contest on the Quilting Gallery web site. I've never entered any of my quilts in any kind of contest before, so it's a little nerve wracking!

Just a little info on the quilt. I used the "Twisted Square Dance" pattern (a variation of the Lil' Twister block) for the center of the quilt (quite possibly the fastest quilt block to make that has this much visual impact) and just added on borders from there, then machine applique'd Aimee's name at the top. The fabric was an easy choice. Before Aimee was born her mom sent me to an online store where she bought crib linens - and lo and behold, they offered fabric that matched the bumpers and crib skirt she bought! How could I resist that?

My granddaughter lives a thousand miles away. I'm in Ohio and she is in Texas, and I don't get to see her very often. It breaks my heart. I'm so close to Mr. B. and have had him with me at least several times a week since he was born, but I don't get to have that bonding and connection with Miss Aimee. So I wanted to do a quilt for her first birthday, so every time she is wrapped up in it, she can feel her grandmother's arms around her.

So if you would be so kind - would you vote for my quilt? I haven't seen my "competition" yet, but I do know one "big name" is up there who probably has a zillion followers to her blog and web site. LOL But hey... a girl can try, can't she?

Here's the quilt:

And here's the link to vote - You scroll down the page as you look at all the quilts, then AFTER all the photos, you will see the click-on vote boxes -- just look for "Miss Aimee's Quilt" and click!

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beebee said...

I voted for Miss Aimee;s quilt. i hope you win!