Oct 2, 2012

An October Sewing To Do List

In visiting other blogs, I've noticed several (very productive) people have To Do Lists for projects to accomplish that month. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a real list kind of person - every day of my life starts with a cup of coffee at the kitchen table making up my To Do List for the day. So a monthly sewing/project To Do List really appeals to me!

October Project List

Finish Mr. B's Lego quilt (waiting for some dragon appliques to arrive from an Ebay purchase) The theme of this is Lego Ninjago (ninja's). Five very detailed appliqued squares of the five main Lego characters of the show. I'll get photos of this once I get the top pieced together. It is going to be one of my better quilting accomplishments (she says with *cough* confidence).

Finish placemats (making them from two vintage floral tablecloths I found at flea market)

Original pattern is for knitting, but how easy to do in fleece and felt

Sew a skeleton doll with Mr. B (we're going to call this a skeleton pillow because he is six and would be mortified if I suggested he play with a doll!) I have always told Mr. B that when he got to be six years old, he could sew on my sewing machine. I just didn't plan for the time to go by this fast! But a promise is a promise! So this might be a good first project for him. (Second project, actually. He made a fleece quilt for the cat when he was three, sitting in my lap at the machine to sew it.)

Choose a quilt for guest room, design and get cut out. These are the two I'm deciding between:

The quilt hanging on the door is a very simple block to figure out.

I love the symmetry of this design - it would make a beautiful quilt!
Sew curtains for family room. I have a serious aversion to cutting fabric for curtains. I'll cut tiny accurate pieces for quilts all day long, but cutting huge pieces of fabric and have them end up square just scares the bejesus out of me! However, I convinced my husband to invest $90 in curtain fabric, so I really need to get this done!

That's it. If I can get this much done during the month of October, I will be one happy girl.

Life is good - especially when you feel productive!

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