Aug 7, 2011

Menus and To Do List for Week of 08/07/11

I have a full week of babysitting this week, so I need to do some pre-planning of meals and activities. I did no grocery shopping last week, but did spend $150 this week to make up for not shopping and to have extra foods that fussy-eater Mr. B. will eat for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Kroger had their Rotisserie chickens on sale this week for $3.99 - which is less than I can buy a good roaster for. I will get 3 meals, plus a carcass in the freezer for soup when cooler weather arrives.

Rotisserie Chicken
Waffle Fries
Mixed green salad w/cranberries and toasted walnuts

Chicken salad on
Bed of lettuce
Hummus with unsalted pretzels
Mixed fruit salad

Red Beans and Rice
Smoked sausage
Corn bread

Homemade Pizza with
Chicken, brocolli, black olives, sliced tomatoes
Alfredo Sauce

Beef Fajitas (Steak'ums, onions, peppers)
Corn on the Cob
Leftover Beans and Rice

Veggie Burgers
Unsalted Tortilla Chips

Baby back ribs (great sale - $2.99 lbs)
Steamed green beans
Leftover corn bread

This is just a list of activity ideas to do with Mr. B. this week. It doesn't mean we'll do them all, just that I have a list to refer to as we need it. You really need to keep a 5 yr old busy!

  • Swimming (pool at his condo)
  • Picnic and hike in the woods at the local park, plus playground
  • A giant local playground/park in nearby town
  • Take him and a friend to Bananas (blow up climbing stuff)
  • Movies - The Smurfs
  • Library
  • School Shopping - I'll take him shopping for his supplies
  • Sun Print making - we've done this before. Fun!
  • Slip n' Slide car wash (for his Tonka trucks and bike)
  • Yard sales on Thursday (he's a pro)
  • Make Orange juice (he's been asking how it's made)
  • Make bread - time for some new strawberry oatmeal bread!
  • Math and spelling tests - he loves loves loves these. Might as well get his brain ready for school in two weeks!
  • I think maybe Umpa (Jeff) can take him to the Air Force Museum one day, or we'll all go together to the Zoo.

I guess that should keep us busy. If we have a rainy day I'll probably have him help me sew something for his soon-to-be-baby-cousin. He would do well making a burp cloth or an easy baby play mat. He works well with me on the sewing machine as long as it's nice long straight stitching. And it would be nice to have him make a present for his new cousin. Yes, I think we'll add that in as a "must do" activity this week. We don't have much longer before Mr. B. starts school, and before the new grandbaby arrives!

Looks like it will be a full week. I'm really happy to have this time with Mr. B. He starts school on August 25 and we all know that means he will be growing up quickly after that. I admit, it tugs at my heart a little to realize that my one-on-one time with him is almost over. Soon there will be school and friends and activities and sports... Honestly, I don't want to think about it. I'm so happy I've had the time with him that I have, and hope he's learned some things that will hold him in good stead for his entire life. That's the job of grandmothers, right?!

My main man

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Verna G said...

I really enjoy your blog. Good recipes too. I know what you mean about granchildren. Isee my only a few times a year and the youngest starts school this fall! They grow up so fast once they are in school.

Dixie said...

Joan.. dropping by to say hi... look at Mr. B! He's growing up so fast!!

great weekly menu post... I'm going to steal a couple of your thoughts from there! Thanks.

Hope summer is treating you well! Blessings. Dixie