Jun 7, 2011

To Do List - 06/07 - Catching up on housework

During the past (pre)school year, I was babysitting for Mr. B. on Mon., Tues (half day), Thurs (half day) and Friday. It seemed like all I did was babysit or recover from babysitting. Although I kept up with daily housework, the heavy duty, bigger chores seemed to go by the wayside until they turned into "must do's" and I couldn't avoid them anymore. You know - cobweb cleaning, wiping down baseboards, washing windows, washing woodwork. Things I normally keep ahead of, but haven't lately. On top of that, right now my house feels cluttered. And I mean everything. I did clean out and organize my kitchen cabinets yesterday, but seriously, the whole house needs a good de-cluttering. It's not so much getting rid of things as it is putting things back where they belong or organizing. I just can't stand having to hunt for things or opening up a cabinet and having everything in a big mish-mash!

Now that summer is here, my babysitting is cut down drastically. Every Monday and every other Friday. Oh my! What will I do with all that extra time?! Clean! Sew! Quilt!

So today's To Do List has some "catching up" chores on it, as well as a major de-clutter task for the downstairs. Tomorrow (Wed.) will be Errand Day (trying to conserve gas these days so I do all my errands at the same time) and sewing day (still sewing for the new grandbaby coming in September), then Thursday will be major cleaning and decluttering the upstairs.


Make bed
All over pick-up/declutter of downstairs
Dust downstairs
Vac downstairs
Cobweb patrol downstairs
Empty kitchen counters, polish, declutter
Declutter kitchen drawers (2)
Windex front door/windows, patio doors, kitchen appliances, kitchen windows, TVs, phones, mirrors
Sweep front porch and walkway
Sweep back deck and patio, re-arrange patio furniture
Wipe down all interior doors and doorknobs, light switches
Wash kitchen, hallway, laundry room, bathroom floors
Launder all downstairs area rugs and hang outside
Polish kitchen table, clean tablecloth and ? centerpiece
Clean area around cat food bowl
Laundry - sheets, pillowcases, towels (in prep for cleaning upstairs on Thursday)

I'm estimating six hours of housework, which isn't too bad. I might even be able to squeeze in some sewing today.

Enjoy your day! You know where to find me!

Added later:  Before and After pics of my two kitchen drawers. It's a bit embarrassing to show how they were, but cleaned, organized and with new drawer liners, they look fine!





I used non-skid drawer lining so when anyone (Mr. B) opens or closes the drawer too abruptly, everything inside won't roll around and get all messy again.

How much easier will it be to find what I'm looking for now!

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