Jun 6, 2011

Monday 06/06 To Do List

It's a full day of babysitting Mr. B. today, so housework is simply "must do's".


Make bed
Dishes away
Clean counters, wipe table
Clean kitchen food cabinet (re-organize)
Sweep or vac kitchen and family room floors
Make breakfast
Make lunch (pack for Jeff)
Trip to Library (will do this at 5pm and drop Mr. B. off at his mom's work)

My kitchen cabinets - where I keep canned goods, pastas, baking items - are driving me crazy. I don't know how they got in such disarray, but lately I can't find anything I'm looking for without having to dig for several minutes. I just need to empty them out and re-group like items with like. Mr. B. will be able to help me with this.

That's it! Most of my day will be spent occupying Mr. B. A neighbor recently gave him about a dozen of the large, metal Tonka construction trucks. They've been stored in a garage and are rather dusty and dirty. So we will get out the Slip n' Slide and a bucket of soap and water and make a "car wash" for the trucks. In our 90 degree weather, this sounds like fun!

Meals this week will tend to be planned around our hot (mid-90's), humid weather. Also, I purchased a nice, meaty turkey breast on sale this week for .99 lb. and cooked it yesterday morning. Lots of leftovers!

Meal Plan for the Week

Leftover Turkey mixed with
Leftover Rice, gravy, peas
Green salad

Veggie Burgers
Oven-baked Sweet Potato Fries

Chef Salad - greens, turkey chunks, ham, hard-boiled eggs, onions

BBQ Pork Chops cooked on grill
Macaroni salad
Green bean, onion, tomato salad

Friday (babysitting day)
Frozen pizza
Mixed green salad

Corn on the cob
Mixed green salad

Enjoy your day!

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Karen said...

The washing of the trucks sounds like the best part of the day.