Jun 5, 2011

Returning to old habits, making new

I have somehow gotten out of the habit of blogging, despite the fact it's one of my favorite things to do. So I made up my mind this morning to try and blog each day, even if it's only to post my To Do List for the day. (The thought process behind this is that once I'm sitting and typing, I will probably get inspired enough to write more than the list.)

Today's To Do List

Make Bed
Put dishes away
Clean up kitchen counter and sink
De-cob web the basement
Get treadmill in basement cleaned and up and running
10 minutes on the treadmill (!)
Good gen'l pick-up downstairs
Trip to Walgreens to get Sunday paper - clip coupons
Drop off file with photo to frame for Father's Day

Dinner today will be a turkey breast (on sale for .99 a lb this week), cooked this morning before the heat sets in (projected 90's today), steamed zucchini and brocolli. I may also make an apple tart, since I have apples I need to use up. I'll have to post that recipe when I make it because it is the most elegant dessert, looks like you spent hours making it, but it really only takes 5 mins to make!

Jeff and I have both gained weight over the winter -- OK, over the past two years, actually. Can't use that winter weight excuse! We've completely changed our diet into eating more simple, whole foods, but we're not getting any exercise at all. So... it's time to blow the cobwebs off the treadmill and 'get 'er done'! No excuses. We'll start at just 10 mins a day to get back into the habit, then increase the time every few days. Jeff gave me "the look" this morning when I told him about it. Of course, it's up to him whether he actually does it or not, but I will probably nag him about it a bit. Then again, I can only nag if I'm doing my time on the treadmill!

That's it for today. Lots to do and up a bit late this morning - so I'm off! Enjoy your Sunday!


Karen said...

Good luck with the exercise program. We always have the best of intentions to do a lot of walking, then we don't make the time. Hope it works out better for you.

Joan J said...

Jeff had his 10 mins done before I even got downstairs to start cleaning. LOL! So then the pressure was on! Yes, I did my 10. We have agreed to nag each other and work our way up to 30 mins, 3 times a week.