Jun 8, 2011

Errand Day

How wonderful to get up this morning to a clean house! The counters are cleared off, the sink was empty and sparkling, no fluff or clutter anywhere to be seen. Life is good!

Today is Errand Day. Unfortunately, it's also VERY humid with temps in the mid-90s, and I don't like to run the A/C in my car because it uses so much more gas. Ah well. I may cave today.  Here's my list of errands:

Walgreens - bring a .jpg file in to have it enlarged. This is a present for my husband for Father's Day.

WalMart - Something I can't mention because it's also a present but has to do with sewing, lamp hardware, and charcoal filters for our basement.

IKEA - Return two lampshades.

Jungle Jim's - This is the BEST market around for fresh fruits and veggies, along with fresh (actually alive when you pick them out) fish.

Antique Mall - Stop in and check our booth, pay the rent, collect our check (hopefully). We've been out this for about a year now, and we still sell enough to make a profit over our rent amount... AND we're getting rid of a great deal of clutter from our basement!

Kroger - Right next to the Antique Mall, so I just need to stop in and get gas. Using my Kroger card I'll save .50 cents a gallon. If I'm conservative in my driving (and if my husband doesn't take my car too often), I can get by now on just one fill-up per month.

Menard's - New store in town. I may not have to go here if WalMart has the lamp hardware I need.

I actually sit down and make a list of where I have to go, then draw up a little map so I can do my errands in the least amount of time and miles (gas). Luckily today the closest errand also opens the earliest, and the farthest opens latest, so I can get going and be done before the real heat of the day sets in.

Of course, that's my trusty To Do List notebook that I sit down and fill out every single morning. A great habit to get into! I flip to the back to keep a running grocery list, which gets torn out once shopping is done. The To Do Lists in the front however are kept, as these become great records of phone calls, bill pay dates, bank transactions, etc.  These can be so helpful!

I hope to be home by 1pm (leaving at 9am) and spend the rest of the afternoon sewing and catching up with the Casey Anthony trial. Anything to stay out of the heat!

Enjoy your day!


Karen said...

I wish I could be as organized as you, Joan! I have the tendency....just not the time.

Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Glad to see you're posting again. I've had trouble with the internet lately so my posts are kind of random too.