Jun 9, 2011

I want to SEW!

Today is scheduled to be Upstairs Cleaning Day. As soon as I woke up this morning, I knew I just wanted to sew, sew, sew. I picked up some Onesies and cloth diapers yesterday, and have several ideas dancing in my head to change them into sweet little things for my September-due granddaughter (oooo! I love that word!).

But today isn't a sewing day, it's a clean upstairs day. What to do.... what to do....

I'm going to compromise. The upstairs definitely needs to be dusted and vac'd and the bathroom surfaces cleaned. But I'm going to skip cleaning bathroom tiles and floors. The guest room hasn't been used, so that will just get a quick swipe with the vac. The master bedroom will get clean sheets, dusted, vac'd, and I'll vac the hallway. I'm going to skip vac'ing the stairs or wiping down the woodwork. I emptied all the upstairs trash yesterday, so that's one less thing to do. I had planned on re-organizing the linen closet and my closet and dresser today, but I'm going to put that off for now. I should be able to do what needs to be done in under two hours, rather than the four to six I planned on. If I get going early, I'll be done by 11am -- plenty of time to spend the rest of the day sewing! Yay!

My upstairs will get dusted and vac'd, the bathrooms will be clean enough... and no one will be the wiser that I didn't put in a full day cleaning. So here is my To Do List for today:


Run dishwasher, put dishes away
Clean kitchen sink
Quick pick-up of downstairs (don't let all my work on Monday disappear!)
Laundry (ugh - forgot - I really need to do at least two loads)
Clean sheets in master bedroom
Surface clean upstairs bathrooms, windex mirrors
Quick pick up of sewing room (so I can vac in there)
Vac upstairs
Dust master bedroom, guest room, Jeff's office, my sewing room, hallway
Quick cobweb patrol

That will do it for today - then on to the sewing room.

A note about what "cob web patrol" is! For some reason, our house is really prone to cob webs, especially in the corners and over doors and windows. I have a long-handled synthetic soft brush and I simply start in one corner of the room, and go up-down each wall corner, then across along the crown molding, up-down the next corner, across windows and door frame tops. While I'm at it, I quickly go over the top of any art work and frames that are hanging. I can do the entire house in under 15 minutes if I don't let myself get sidetracked. As I finish the downstairs, I stop and shake the brush out outside, then do the stairs and move to the upstairs and repeat room by room. I use the same brush on the ceiling fan in the kitchen at least once a month. I try and do a "cobweb patrol" about every two weeks.


As if I'm not on this computer enough already, I do want to mention a web site called "Pinterest". I love it. When you're cruising the web and you find a picture or photo that you love for one reason or another, you have a button in your top tool bar that says "Pin It". You click on that and save the photo onto a "board" (like a folder). For example, I have "Quilt Inspiration" "Decorating Inspiration" "Color Inspiration" and more as my boards. Other people can see what you've posted on your boards, and re-pin the item to their boards as well. You can view other people's boards too, of course. I like it because when I see an idea I want to try in the future, I don't have to save the file to my computer or print off a zillion pages that I'll have to (cough) file and find later. I can just "pin" the photo to one of my boards, and come back later and get the link to the idea I want to try.

I am all about anything that keeps me better organized and is also fast and easy. Pinterest is definitely the way to go. You can view my boards here:

That's all I have for today! Now I'm off to get my cleaning done and on to the sewing room! Wish I could share some of my recent projects with you (and there are several! Yay!), but they are gifts, and I don't want to spoil the surprise. Once they're mailed and received, I'll post photos.

Enjoy your day!

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Karen said...

Tag is going to buy me a new sewing machine for my birthday!!! yes, I know my birthday was last week, but I told him to hold off until after we move. AND.....I will have a room ALL TO MYSELF that I can set up to sew or scrapbook or whatever my little heart desires! I can't wait!!!