Oct 28, 2010

Re-purpose Thursday - Ironing Station from IKEA rolling cart

I love re-purposing items, so when I saw a Re-Purposed Thursday going on over at Designs by Fee, I thought I'd like to start participating. Nothing is better for the budget than finding a way to re-purpose!

This ironing station is my own creation. I purchased an assemble-yourself kitchen island at IKEA on sale for $49.00. (Sorry, it’s not on sale now – price is now $99.) Before my Handy Guy in Residence assembled it for me, I cut a layer of batting, a layer of insulbrite and a layer of muslin about two inches larger than the top itself, wrapped it around the top, and simply stapled it all firmly in place. If the muslin gets dirty, I can easily remove it and place it with new. Not only does this serve as a great large ironing surface, but I have all my UFO’s tucked on the shelves underneath, and ironing supplies in the two drawers. The cart has wheels on one end, so it can easily be pulled to the center of the room or closer to my sewing station if needed.

Other re-purposed items you can see in this picture are the vintage hat boxes on the bottom shelf. They have clear plastic windows so I can easily see what's inside. I'd love another dozen or so of these!


Fiona said...

That is such a great idea !!! I love it and it would be perfect for my studio. Unfortunately we do not have an IKEA here but I will keep my eye out for something similar. Thanks so much for playing and I look forward to see what you come up with for next week.

Hugs - Fee X

Angie Niezgocki said...

Great use for the island.