May 8, 2009

La la la laaaaaa la la la laaaaa

In my previous post, I mentioned that I bought Mr. B a guitar at a yard sale. This morning was his first morning to see it. I took this video just a few minutes after handing him the guitar. My son is an excellent musician -- has Mr. B inherited those creative genes from Uncle Jeff? OOPS - IT'S REALLY DARK - SORRY! Shortly after this video was taken, Mr. B and I went to the "guitar store" and had a new string put on, the guitar tuned, bought a shoulder strap and a beginner guitar book. American Idol in 13 years? Who knows?!?

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Karen said...

Wow....hubby just found a little child's guitar that was being thrown out so he's going to fix it up for Noah (currently 7 months old!) You can never start too young to give them a love of music!