May 9, 2009

There is Hope for this World

I read a blog post today that both made me stop and think and gave me hope. When you click on it you'll think I've linked you to a giveaway, but forget about the giveaway. Read what this young mom is doing to teach her son to grow up to be a "good man". You can't put in for her giveaway unless you're a member of her stitching group, but read the post anyway. What she's actually giving away in her blog post is priceless... She writes about teaching her 5 year old son "What a woman should expect from a man and why it is important to be a gentleman". And kudo's to the Dad of this little boy who assisted the Mom in her plan. In a time when children are often considered more of a pain than a gift, who have to be hauled to daycare and back, who dare to be sick on a work day, and who misbehave in public simply to get some attention, this article comes as a breath of fresh air. I have never read this blog before, but I wish this lady a most wonderful Mother's Day. She deserves it.


Karen said...

It does give you hope for the future, doesn't it?

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Thanks for the link to this great post. She is a wonderful mom.