Mar 11, 2009

Spring cleaning

springclSpring has hit southwestern Ohio, and I got a nasty case of Spring cleaning-itis this past week. That’s right, I said it… I Spring-Clean my house every year.

Piles, boxes and bags of household flotsam and jetsam have been marked for the upcoming Mother of All Yard Sales in May, and carried, flung and hauled to the basement.  Winter slipcovers have been removed, furniture vac’d and cleaned and even re-arranged. Cabinets are wiped down, windows are washed, mirrors sparkle. A few orphaned Christmas decorations (yeah, I know) are back with their kind. And ohmygawd, I even cleaned my office. Two trash bags of papers that for some weird reason I thought needed saving that didn’t actually need to be saved at all. Why do I do that??

I use Jeff Campbell’s system for my Spring cleaning. Top to bottom, left to right, don’t clean anything that isn’t dirty. Years ago I watched a “how to” video on spring cleaning, and read Jeff Campbell’s book Speed Cleaning. It really is a fast, easy system that professional housecleaners use to clean houses quickly and efficiently. And it works!

My son arrives from Colorado today, so the few things I have left to clean and organize (master bedroom closets, coat closet in downstairs entry way, bathroom cabinets) will have to wait until next week after he leaves. Life has priorities!

I’ll probably not be blogging much for the remainder of the month. My son leaves on the 17th, and we leave on another stint at the “vacation house” shortly after. This time, no Mr. B with us – just Jeff and I and some heavy-duty relaxing time together. I can’t wait! I may even bring my sewing machine with me if the weather continues to be warm enough to sit outside on the deck and do some quilting!

Life is good!


Lucy said... make me so in the mood now for cleaning. I'm going to DC the first of April so I'll clean before then. Always leave the house clean before you go somewhere. It's nice for the burglars and you get to come back to a clean house. Or something like that.

Carol said...

Glad I'm not the only one doing a major "spring clean" :) Enjoy your family time.

The Calico Quilter said...

Your cartoon cracked me up because my husband has "his" armchair and you never know what you'll find in the crevices - loose change, keys, cracker crumbs, pipe tobacco shreds, "drop-out cards" from his magazines, potato chips and, once, a coax wire stripper. That chair just swallows everything!