Mar 16, 2009

Just a few minutes to blog

Busy day. Mr. B is due in any minute and then the three guys are taking off to visit the Air Force Museum in Dayton. We’ve enjoyed the visit with our son, but it ends tomorrow and that is too soon! No time to blog until tomorrow, so here’s a few pictures.

100_2254 My son, on his way to a friend’s wedding.


My husband and Mr. B, playing with Mr. B’s new bulldozer from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jeff.




The three favorite men in my life – all in one place.


And my favorite girl – keeping an eye on Mr. B while he plays in the back yard.


Karen said...

I can't believe that's little JJ! He's a grownup! How did that happen???

Lucy said...

How cute!! All of the pictures. But the second one down, you need to enlarge and frame. That is adorable. Glad you had such a good time. Good times go fast, don't they. But thank heaven we have them. What a blessing.