Mar 18, 2009

Catching my breath

By the look of how many posts I've written here lately, you'd think I'd fallen off the blog wagon. But no! I've been busy over on my other blog, Quilting on a Budget, with a complete blog makeover. With the help (and template) of the blog has a whole new look and a whole new mission. I'm currently holding a giveaway for a blog template for YOUR blog, so stop by and have a look-see, and leave a comment to enter. Life has settled down a bit. My son returned to Colorado yesterday after a week's visit during which we saw very little of him. LOL! He had a wedding to go to and best friends to visit. I was really happy that he did get to spend quite a lot of time visiting (and bonding!) with Mr. B. By the end of the first day, the two were inseparable. Mr. B adored every minute with his uncle, which doesn't surprise me since I have always said Mr. B is the mini-me version of his Uncle J. The EXSIL saga goes on. Released from prison to a halfway house, EXSIL immediately started harassing (via phone calls) Darling Daughter, both at home and at work. She marched herself up to the halfway house and told him in no uncertain terms to STOP. No phone calls since. We'll see... Spring is here in southwestern Ohio in full force. Seventy-six degrees yesterday and the same forecast for today! My forsythia is ready to pop, the daffodils, tulips and iris's all have their leaves showing and my vegetable garden is beckoning to me, despite being a good two months before I can actually plant. I think I may get out there today and clean up the old garden debris and possibly plant some peas and lettuce! Our trip to the vacation house has been postponed to April. That's OK. By then the hiking trails will be dried and the weather will be warmer. It's all good. Today is going to be a ride on the Relaxi-Taxi (thanks "Friends" show! One of my favorite terms!). The house is still clean and really all I need to do is put a load from the dishwasher away and do some laundry. It's so warm out that I may put my clothesline up and hang sheets out to dry! I've got a new knitting project I want to start, and I may just sit out on the deck and read for awhile. Yay! I love Spring!


Dixie said...

Hi Joan... just thought I'd drop by for a few moments... catch up with what's going on in your world... and say hi... I'm still on my blogging hiatus... and enjoying it! have a great week. Dixie

Karen said...

I was wondering what had happened with EXSIL. I hope he gets the point! So fun to have your grandson and your son bond like that, eh? I'm jealous of your warm weather....we've hit 60 so far and that's it. Finally, whatever happened with the cat? Did he stop attacking you?

The Calico Quilter said...

What a difference a few hundred miles south makes - my forsythia and japonica are almost over, the daffodils are fading, and my ornamental plum is now leafing and shedding its blossoms. I think everything was early this year. After a slight cold snap it got very warm for a week or so. I want to PLANT, but it's too early. Sorry to hear the EXSIL saga is continuing. Wonder what his parole officer would have to say about the phone calls? Do phone calls violate a protection order? Too bad you can't sic Joey the Killer Cat on him. Just being facetious, but it does make a great mental picture, doesn't it?