Jan 20, 2009

Who me? Waste time?

OK, silly fun game I found on the Barrel of Monkeys blog to totally waste at least 30 minutes of my day. (I chose to waste the 30 minutes I would normally use to clean the bathrooms, rather than a perfectly good 30 minutes in front of the television... You may choose whatever 30 minutes you want to waste, but stay organized and choose wisely!) 1. Google "[your name] needs": "Joan needs her Spider Monkey"....(I didn't dare click on this to see what it was about... some things are better left un-read.) 2. Google "[your name] looks like": "Joan looks like someone who could lead people into battle." (Wonder what gave me away -- the helmet? the body armor? the emails to Levi Strauss?) 3. Google "[your name] likes": "Joan likes money and shes good at winning it" (True and not true -- though I sure am good at winning giveaways) 4. Google "[your name] says": "Joan says if you've got it, flaunt it." (I don't have it, but sometimes I flaunt it anyway.) 5. Google "[your name] wants": "Joan wants to go to a concert with Adam and stay overnight in his father's camper." -- (Don't tell my husband!) 6. Google "[your name] does": "Joan does what she wants to do, which she does extraordinarily well." (Love it, terrible grammar and all.) 7. Google "[your name] hates": "Joan hates rickshas, German potato salad, corduroy pillows (too firm), and outdated cordless phones." (Not sure I've ever met a ricksha I didn't like.) 8. Google "[your name] can": "Joan can help you with book development, book marketing and with creating..." (In my previous lives I was a newspaper editor and a ph.d. research assistant -- does that count?) 9. Google "[your name] goes": "Joan goes out on a window ledge." (Eeps! Get me down!) 10. Google "[your name] is": "Joan is quite a musical force to be reckoned with." (Change "force" to "farce".) 11. Google "[your name] loves": "Joan loves to tell stories. When no one else will listen she tells them to her dogs or to her horse “Raj”... (My theory - it's easier to start a blog than to tell stories to a horse named Raj.) Now, wasn't that more fun than me writing my To Do List for today?

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