Jan 19, 2009

Beautiful Etsy Yarn

I’ve only recently returned to knitting after four or five years away from it. My knitting passion has always been and still is – socks. I’ve knit sweaters and afghans and scarves and mittens, but my passion is socks, socks and more socks. Socks knit with fine wool yarn, the smaller the needles the better. Just something about that detailed fine knitting soothes me. And with cold weather here and more TV watching than in the warmer months, knitting socks is always a good project for sitting in front of the television at night.

I can quite literally spend hours and hours looking at fabric and yarn on Etsy. Because I have at least 20 boxes of yarn stashed away in my basement (cleaned out of my quilt room when I moved from knitting to quilting), I don’t buy yarn. Just like my fabric stash, my yarn stash will hold me for many, many projects to come.

But, just like fabric, there are times whenyarn1 a yarn “speaks to me” and must be bought! And so it is with two skeins of yarn I recently purchased from My7Kids’ etsy store

The first thing that attracted me to this yarn was the subtle and unusual colors. Then, as I read the description, I found that the fiber content is perfect for sock knitting -- 70% lambswool, 20% angora rabbit, 10% nylon. That little bit of nylon adds just the right amount of elasticity to the socks, and of course the lambswool and angora are both soft and warm. Perfect for winter socks!

yarn2The second yarn I purchased from My7Kids is this gorgeous 70% wool, 30% acrylic blend. The masculine colors appealed to me for socks for my grandson, and the 30% acrylic content appealed to me because they will wear longer than a 100% wool.

Both of these skeins of yarn are “recycled” from sweaters and then hand-dyed in these gorgeous colors. When I originally read that in the description, I was worried I would receive yarn with a lot of loops and kinks in it, but not so. I’ve started working with the lambswool yarn and it is a dream to knit. No fiber kinks or nubs at all, and if I didn’t know it was recycled, I wouldn’t realize it as I knit.

The price is about 1/3rd what I’d expect to pay for yarn of this quality – and, as Martha says, “That’s a VERY good thing!”


my7kids said...

Thank you for featuring me! I am so pleased that you like the yarns you purchased! Happy Knitting!

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Desiree said...

I'm biased but Mom's yarns are wonderful! When she first started unraveling sweaters I thought it was weird, but she is so careful and the yarns are so great! We get a big kick out of the dying process too. Lots of times my hubby willl come home to find little pots of dye sitting around and his first thing to says is, "Your Mom's been here, huh" LOL! Glad you liked the yarn you got!

Kim said...

Wow that is really pretty yarn!! I would love to learn how to knit! I always admire people who can create those neat things with knitting.