Dec 1, 2008

This and that...

Back to real life... Thanksgiving is behind us, Christmas is knocking at the door... Lists need to be made (cleaning, Christmas card, mailing by date, gifts left to buy...), and what am I doing? Quilting! Really for the first time in many, many months, the quilt bug bit me and I spent almost the entire weekend working on a patchwork pine tree wallhanging. It's all pieced, borders are on, it's pin-basted and now waiting for me to figure out why my sewing machine isn't liking the metallic thread I want to use... All those months that I could have spent many guilt-free hours quilting, and I wait until the pressure is on for the holidays! But the one thing I know is this: It will all get done. It might get done at the last minute, but it always gets done! No menu planning Monday for me today. Why? Because I don't feel like it! LOL If I sit down to plan my menues, I have to make my grocery list. If I make a grocery list, I have to ruminate over the Krogers ad. If I get out my Krogers ad, I have to gather all my unclipped coupons. Heck, there's enough food in the house to feed 20 people for a week. No menu planning this week. I'll be quilting instead! Let them eat turkey! I won another blog giveaway! Gosh, I don't enter all that many, but it certainly seems to pay off! This one was from The Precious Peas blog, and I'm really thrilled with what I've won. Some "super cool" sunglasses for grandson Brayden! Sssshh...don't tell him. I think they'd make an adorable Christmas present! Although my daughter often has sunglasses on Brayden, I never think about it, and then watch him squint and wince when we're outside in the sun. So these sunglasses from My First Shades are going to be just the ticket. I love the strap idea so they stay on for longer than two minutes! Of course, I have to mention that the Quilting on a Budget blog is having a giveaway too. Make a comment before 12/05/08 and you can win one of two great quilting books, a year's subscription to FAMILY FUN magazine, or a $25.00 gift certificate! We had our first Papa Murphy's pizza here last night. Have you tried these? Yum-BO! You call in an order for the pizza you want (Jeff wanted the Philly Cheese Steak), pick it up, then bring it home and cook it! It seems to be about $5 less than other pizza chain stores, and it really was quite good. Well, OK, I missed my Papa John's garlic butter to dip the crust in, but I'm better off without it anyway. I pre-set the oven while Jeff went to pick up the pizza, and it took just 12 minutes to cook. Fresh taste, nice crust (a little lighter and less bready than most) and a good amount of toppings. Good stuff -- and better than cooking. I made homemade bread last week. Used a standard white bread recipe but added in a few ingredients of my own -- 1/4 cup wheat gluten, a tablespoon of minced garlic, some olive oil, and about 2 cups of grated cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup of grated parmesian, and 1 tsp. of oregano. Oh my! That was good warm from the oven. But even better was having it toasted. It just brought the garlic and cheese flavors to the front and it tasted and smelled like -- ready? -- Cheezits! Can you smell my house from where you sit? Mmmmmmmmm..... That recipe is a keeper for sure. I don't have a lot planned this week -- my regular two days of babysitting, but Jeff will be home on vacation (again) on Friday, so that will make it easy-peasy. If Jeff is here, Brayden is glued to his side. I feed them both, take care of nap time, and that's it. The rest of the day will be boys' day together. The do men stuff. Brayden was here on Saturday and they worked together to fix a floor lamp in my quilt room. Brayden helped hold wrenches, turned screw drivers, and accompanied Jeff to ACE to get new parts. They both love Hardware stores. The store is not 5 minutes from my house, yet they were gone for 90 minutes. Although we had wonderful temperatures on Thanksgiving Day and the day after, we're back to winter here in southwestern Ohio. It's spitting snow and windy. Despite having the thermostat set down to 67 during the day, the heat is running non-stop. Snow is forecast for Tuesday. Whether I like it or not -- winter has arrived. Sounds like a good time to quilt!

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