Nov 28, 2008

Frugal Christmas Wrapping Ideas

I've mentioned before that I like to wrap my online-ordered gifts as soon as they arrive at the front door. So today I thought I'd try and find some frugal ideas for doing the wrapping. My personal favorite that I have done several years in the past is to wrap all gifts in brown paper grocery store bags. I buy a few packages of very inexpensive stick-on stars in red and gold and stick them all over the package, then tie the package with raffia or a coordinating vintage ribbon. (For some reason, my husband bought a moving box full of vintage cloth ribbon a few years ago! I still have 3/4ths of the box left!) Got to love people that make use of plastic shopping bags! I've seen bags made into all kinds of things, but this is so appropriate for the upcoming holidays. Make a holiday package BOW from your plastic grocery bags! Check out the step by step instructions on the Creature Comforts: DIY blog. And God Bless Martha during the holiday season. For once I see a craft on her web site that I can actually do AND afford! I'm going to use last year's Christmas cards to make monogram gift tags! No instructions, but do you really need them? Feeling a little more crafty? Check out Carol Duvall's ideas for re-using Christmas cards - you know you have them! From McCall's Quilting is this GREAT idea for using up your stack of lone quilt blocks. I'm loving this one! Step by step instructions here.


Grammy said...

Aw how wonderful. Such great ideals.

Laura G said...

great craft ideas! I'm in the Christmas craft mood, and the children have been nagging to start something. Thanks for the ideas!
Laura Griffin