Oct 16, 2008

Your Vote, My Vote - Every single vote is critical

Your vote... your single, solitary vote... is so critical in this year's Presidential Election. One voice, one vote. Don't you dare let other people make this decision for you!!! And don't you DARE let the Media tell you who's already won the election before you even vote!!! I think a lot of us are struggling this year, not 100% happy with either candidate. The word "change" is being bandied about by both sides, though I've come to a recent realization that neither can truly create serious change without the vote of the Senate and the House. It doesn't matter what they promise -- what matters is what they can get done once they get into office. I admit - I voted for Bush in the last election. Yet today, I'm one of the voices for "Change". Things must change -- that's just evident from the roller-coaster activity of the stock market in the past weeks. It's evident in the cost of a gallon of gas. It's evident every time I go to the grocery store and my grocery bill goes up by 10%, despite my best efforts to economize. Both candidates are riding the "change" bandwagon. They know we're unhappy right now. They're responding in their own way for Americans' call for change. That's a good thing. I ask one thing. When you step into that voting booth and you put your finger on the button to vote for "change" think about this... Are you voting for someone you truly believe has the knowledge and ability to bring about change, or are you voting for someone in retribution to Bush's mishandling of our country for the past several years? Are you voting for a candidate because he's actually the best candidate, or are you voting to show your dislike of Bush? This is not Bush vs. Obama. Just make sure your vote isn't based on your dislike of Bush. All Republicans are not alike. Ronald Reagan, in my book, created more fiscally responsible changes beneficial to the average American than any other President in recent memory. His economic changes were directly responsible for a better life for my family, for more affordable housing, and for rallying Americans to have hope and pride in our country again. Please don't vote for Obama simply to show Bush how much you dislike what he's done (of course, with the help of the Democratic Congress since 2006!!) to our country. That's the wrong reason to vote. And besides, honestly, Bush won't "get it" anyway. He closed his eyes to the plight of middle America long ago. He's too busy scouting out what's going on overseas than to turn around and look out his own window to see what's going on in America. But that doesn't make Obama right for our country. Those changes he's vowing to make are going to cost us big bucks.. OUR bucks... those same dollars we're so mad at Bush for spending so freely. The money must come from somewhere! Just because he says "this will change" or "that will change" or "I'll change this", doesn't mean it won't cost you and I and all taxpayers more money!
"The bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates that Obama's programs would add $281 billion to the deficit at the end of his first term. The analysis includes Obama's proposals for saving money." -- The Associated Press
I'm not trying to tell you who to vote for, truly. All I'm asking is that when you step into that voting booth, make sure you're not casting your vote simply as a vote against Bush. This is NOT Bush vs Obama! Make sure you know which candidate can truly affect change in our country without causing the federal deficit to spiral out of control. All the changes in the world aren't going to make a better life for you and I IF the YOU AND I can't afford to pay for them.


Debbie said...

Thanks for your efforts here to get out the vote! I agree with everything you said and just hope it is not too late.

For the first time in my life, I have a bumper sticker on my car and a sign in my yard! I think so much of the country is apathetic though and have no desire to vote and the records show they don't
If they do, then they don't delve into what the candidates say at all to realize they can't do the things they say they will, and congress, now what do we say about them! No accountability. When I vote for someone, I then follow if they do what they say they will. Like I also voted for Bush but am not pleased at all with him and how he increased this spending to unrecognizable levels, got us into an unnecessary war, etc. Another story, another time.

If anybody is upset how this election is going, the lies, the manipulation by the media, the election fraud, please get out and do something! Encourage someone else to vote like Joan is, put a sign in your yard, talk to your friends...just act and act NOW.

Joan said...

Thanks for your comment, Deb. It's NEVER too late -- not unless it's the day AFTER the election and you didn't vote. Then boy oh boy is it too late.

Lucy said...

Planning on it! :)