Oct 15, 2008

Toddler Tuesday Follow-up

Brayden and I made bird feeders today, and I have to say, though neither activity took very long (about 10 - 15 minutes each at the most), he enjoyed them! Here are photos to show you the fun. Rolling the peanut-butter covered TP roll was his favorite: His "part" in the egg-container bird feeder was to use a spoon and fill up each cup: Taking the bird feeders outside to hang them. Brayden thought he should carry it like a purse! (You can tell by his eyes, it's almost nap time!) If you click on the picture below for a larger version, you can see that I stuck half a wooden skewer through the bottom of the "bird feeder" for a place for the birds to sit while they eat! On Friday, we'll be making pumpkin masks and possibly egg carton spiders. I'll tell you more next Tuesday!


Kim said...

Hi Joan,

Regarding Happiness - I too liked the premise of the book - I may have even first heard about it via you - did you post about it?

Anyway - I found it started slow and then got interesting but then once the guru author was found to be a fraud, it all went south. It seemed to me like the writer was trying to wrap it up as quickly as possible. So just write another book and everything will go back to normal - too easy a solution.

I was able to finish it so it wasn't horrible :D

I don't bother finishing the horrible ones.

tipper said...

The girls and I made those kind of bird feeders last winter-even though they are much older than cutie pie Brayden they still enjoyed it.