Oct 13, 2008

Toddler Tuesday is for the BIRDS!

It's Toddler Tuesday! Time to share ideas of activities for Toddlers -- ages 2 to 4 years old. Whether you're a babysitter, grandma (like me), parent, sibling, daycare provider, aunt or nice neighbor, I hope you'll find some good ideas in this weekly post. If you have ideas to share, please post the idea on your blog, then leave a comment here. You're welcome to cut and paste the Toddler Tuesday banner to put on your blog. Fall Weather is fast approaching, so winter can't be far off. I thought this week Brayden and I might make some bird feeders, which we can enjoy throughout the winter months. This idea comes from the website of Albert Egg Producers in Canada.
Birdfeeder Bird Feeder
Tools & supplies required: Egg carton bottom, scissors, string, birdfeed.
  • Poke holes in the four corners of the egg carton.
  • Cut 4 pieces of string (about 45 cm or 1.5 feet each) and knot each at one end.
  • Pull a string through each carton hole.
  • Gather strings in middle, and knot.
  • Fill each egg section with birdseed.
  • Hang on a tree and watch the birds feast!
From the great blog Adventures in PreSchool comes this great idea for making a bird feeder from a toilet paper roll. This is a great craft for Toddlers, but messy! ROLLED BIRD FEEDER 1 empty toilet paper roll 2 paper plates 1 "glob" of peanut butter Birdseed Craft or popsicle stick Yarn or string for hanger Simply punch two holes in opposite sides of the top of the TP roll, and put yarn through the holes to later tie up the bird feeder. Put a "glob" of peanut butter on a paper plate, and have the child roll the TP roll in the peanut butter. (She gave disposable knives to the kids to help spread the peanut butter, but for toddlers, I suggest using a popsicle or craft stick.) Once the peanut butter is spread, give each child a second paper plate with bird seed, and let them roll their peanut butter covered TP roll in the seed. That's it! Hang up on the nearest tree and enjoy! Don't forget the Birds! I know Brayden, now a whopping 31 months old, loves anything to do with glue. I have found a picture of birds in a magazine, and will have him glue it to a piece of construction paper, and then help me cut it out. We will then glue the bird to a popsicle stick... I can already picture him running through the house, waving the bird through the air to make it fly! OR - print of this coloring page of a bird and have your child color it whatever color he/she wishes! Cut it out, glue it to a sturdy paper (cereal box cardboard might last longer than construction paper), and attach it to a craft stick. That's what Brayden and I will be doing this week! Hope you'll share a fun activity you do with your Toddler! See you next Tuesday!


Pasifik said...

That's a great idea, birds feeder!

Keep posting,


karen said...

We always made the peanut bird feeders with a big pine cone as the base instead of a toilet paper tube.