Aug 4, 2008

Another hot week - light menu's

This is a fairly quiet week, but we won't be home on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so no meals are planned for those days. (We've decided to drive the Rt 127 "World's Longest Yard Sale" route). All meals are from what I have on hand, including leftover roast chicken from Saturday. Also, it's going to be another hot week, so meals are lighter with the least amount of cooking possible.
Monday Chef Salad: Mixed lettuce, garden tomatoes, green peppers, leftover chicken, cucumbers, brocolli florets, onion, cheese cubes, croutons Tuesday Egg salad (Jeff), Tuna Salad (me) Bagels Sliced tomatoes Wednesday Steak on the grill Green salad, sliced tomatoes Thursday Crock pot Stew Beef w/ tomato onion sauce Rice, Steamed Zucchini
I honestly don't plan breakfasts or lunches, as some folks do. I do make Jeff a full breakfast every morning. It can be as easy as cereal and toast, or more involved. This morning I made him a very easy Breakfast Burrito, because he was running late and wanted to take breakfast with him. It's another one of those recipes that I use according to what I have on hand. Breakfast Burrito 1 tortilla 1 egg 1/4 cup meat (this can be 2 slices of bacon, 2 link sausages, or chopped ham or leftover steak) 1 slice of cheese Optional: diced or chopped veggies of your choice (mushrooms, onions, green peppers, whatever) Very lightly moisten two paper towels with water. You want them just barely damp. Put one towel flat in the bottom of your microwave, place the tortilla on top, then layer on the second towel. Microwave on high for 30 seconds. This "steams" your tortilla so it's soft and fresh. If using bacon or sausage, cook meat thoroughly in small fry pan according to directions, remove from pan. Drain any fat from pan. Dice or chop meat. Pam Spray (or small amount of butter) the pan, and crack the egg and add it into the pan. Return meat to pan, and add veggies if you desire. No need to add milk, just a bit of salt and pepper if desired. Stir egg mixture gently with fork as it cooks. Lay tortilla out flat. Cut piece of cheese in half, and lay lengthwise down middle of tortilla. Add egg/meat/veggie mixture on top of cheese. (Optional: Spoon a light layer of your favorite salsa over the egg mixture.) Roll up tortilla burrito-style. Wrap in aluminum foil so it holds it's shape if being eaten on the way to work. Obviously the recipe is for just one serving. I have made these two at a time, let one cool on the counter, then wrap in aluminum foil and put in the fridge. Jeff had it for breakfast the next morning and said it was great.

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