Aug 5, 2008

Photos - Declutter Challenge, family visits, more

Several of my family members and family friends visit my blog, so I want to post some photos of JJ and Lisa's visit last week. But first, let me post my Declutter Challenge photo, so I don't forget! (You can get info on how to join the Challenge here.) Today, I decluttered a kitchen drawer. Here's what I'm getting rid of: old yucky potholder that was long ago replaced, a second potholder that I sewed before realizing you needed different heat resistent batting so you don't get burned (ouch!), a salad fork that has no partner, an unknown thing-a-ma-jig, a small strainer that has gotten rusty, and some take-out plastic silverware. Now, on to bigger and better things. My son JJ and his wife Lisa visited last week. We haven't seen them for almost two years, so it was wonderful to have them visit. While they were here, we went to Cincinnati and went on the BB Riverboats cruise on the Ohio River. It was perfect weather -- slightly overcast with a nice breeze on the water. It was so peaceful on the water! Here are JJ and Lisa: And here's my sweetie: And believe it or not, this is my daughter Mary, who celebrated her 27th birthday while JJ and Lisa were here. Does this kid look 27?!?!? I think she looks 12!! She's holding her son -- the notorious Brayden Lee. Brayden thoroughly enjoyed getting to know his Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lisa. He and JJ played soccer and golf in the back yard -- well, JJ hit the balls and Brayden chased them and laughed! Some scenes of downtown Cincinnati -- it really is a wonderful city! Every time we go down (it's about 20 miles away), we wonder why we don't go more often! Cincinnati Red's "Great American Ball Park" -- too bad we don't have the "Great American Ball team" to go with it... After our "cruise" we ate lunch here -- Mongomery Inn's "Boat House". Great food, great sports memorabilia inside, and great view of the river. These are just photos I liked -- the first is the smokestack of the riverboat we were on, and the second is a bridge we went under while on the boat. Cincinnati has some absolutely stunning architecture throughout downtown.

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Karen said...

Thanks for the photos of JJ and Mary! So nice to see them all grown up and smiling!