Aug 4, 2008

Declutter Challenge continues

I've been doing my declutter-once-a-day to meet the requirements of the Declutter Challenge over at My Simpler Life. And the challenge is "catching"! My DIL Lisa sent me Before and After pictures yesterday of the major decluttering she did in her guest room! To catch up (I didn't read about the challenge until August 2, so I was one day behind), on Sunday I did two decluttering jobs. First, I decluttered my mail slot (a place where uninteresting paperwork goes when you have no idea what else to do with it -- which probably means it should have been thrown out in the first place): And for my "catch up" decluttering, I also cleaned out the magazines on the end table in the Family Room: This morning, while I was getting dressed and ready for the day, I decluttered the master bathroom's medicine chest of old medicine, empty fragrance bottles, and... well, junk! It's amazing how quick it is to complete these small decluttering tasks, and yet how much clutter they are relieving me of!

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Beth Dargis said...

You are doing a fantastic job!