Aug 2, 2008

I'm joining the Declutter Challenge!

One of my favorite blogs is My Simpler Life -- all about organizing and decluttering, which is something I strive for try to do dream about, but just never seem to completely accomplish. Although decluttering isn't as major an issue as organizing, there is still much decluttering that can be done around here. When I read Beth's challenge, I didn't hesitate to join in. The basic rule of the challenge is to declutter at least one item per day for the entire month of August. You can read more details here. The other part of the challenge is to blog about your decluttering, with photos! It's funny that after spending an entire lifetime being a "collector" and married to a wonderful man who is also a "collector", that suddenly I crave simplicity in my life. I want things around me that are important, meaningful and make me smile. I want to look around my house and love the things I see. I do not want to look around and see items I don't care about or no longer use or that simply "exist" because they've always been there. After 20 years of being in the same house, there's a lot of those around here! Why not join me in this challenge? Whether you do it for one day or all 31 days of August, I'm betting that everyone who reads this has clutter and would like to rid themselves of it. Do you know what clutter is? Marcia at Organising Queen blog is a partner in this challenge, and has a great article on "What is Clutter" you can read here. Since the Challenge started yesterday (August 1), I'm a day behind but will catch up today. Today I am going to challenge myself to declutter my linen closet. This is actually one of my favorite decluttering jobs because the end result gives me such peace -- is there anything so satisfying as seeing sheets and towels all folded beautifully and in a line on the shelf? LOL Yeah...I know... it's a curse... I'll be back to add photos... BEFORE:Oh my, how embarassing to show this to the world! And just FYI - dear husband "organized" this linen closet about a month ago. His idea of organizing (which omits the all-important decluttering!) and mine vary greatly (though I appreciate his effort!). AFTER: Top Shelf: Extra blankets and pillows. Next Shelf: Sheets and pillowcases. Third Shelf: Towels, washcloths, beach towels, bath mats. Fourth Shelf: Left - Personal supplies - extra shampoo, soap, etc. Right - Cleaning and paper goods. Floor: Vac on right, humidifier (with filter and cleaner). WHAT I GOT RID OF: A full basket of old towels - stained, strings hanging off the sides, torn. (I've moved them to the rag box in the garage.) Old blankets, an old humidifier that doesn't have the filter, an old jewelry box, misc. torn or ripped pillowcases. Not shown is a trash can full of old shampoo, body wash no one liked, out-dated medicines and old cleaners. THOUGHTS: As I look at the Before and After pictures above, I can feel a difference in myself physically. I cringe, tighten-up, squint my eyes when I look at the Before photo. But when I see the After photo, I feel calm, relaxed, pleased with what I've done and with what I see. Having my house organized and decluttered gives me a definite physical sense of peacefulness. I realize when I look around my house and see clutter, it physically makes me feel tense, because I know it's there and it's always in the back of my mind in my mental "To Do List". Clutter creates an inability to relax completely and be at peace with my surroundings. The more I think about it, the more I'm grateful for this Challenge!

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Beth Dargis said...

That linen closet does leave the viewer with a relaxed feeling. Keep it up!