Aug 1, 2008

Ssshhh... my grandson is having "me time"

Poor little Brayden Lee arrived sick sick sick this morning. Nasty stuffy chest and nose, with some labored breathing. The hot, humid air outside just about does him in, which is rough because all he wants to do is play outside. Today we went down to the basement playroom and got out his sandbox to play in for awhile... the basement is cool and dry and he felt better for a little while. After playtime, Brayden asked if we could read his "Monkey Book", so we headed for the family room. After a few minutes of reading, he asked if I could push one of the large leather chairs forward so he could get behind it, which I did and he disappeared behind the chair. Since there is a plug back there (with baby-proof caps in it), I was a little nervous about him being back there (two year olds and plugs don't mix), so I walked over to see what he was doing. He heard me coming and stood up, put his hand up as if to signal "Stop!" and said, "No, Umma... It's ME time!" He stood behind the chair and I could hear little grunty I said, "Oh, OK... I'll wait right over here. Let me know when you're done." What does "me time" mean to a 2 year old? Private time to load his diaper! And he did, indeed, say "All done, Umma!" when the time was appropriate -- and we changed his diaper and went on from there. As the day wore on, Brayden got more and more sick. Mary called her pediatrician and got an appointment. Brayden is having asthmatic problems from allergies and the hot humid weather, combined with his usual respiratory (croup) problem, for which he recieved an Rx for an antibiotic. Poor little thing had to have two breathing treatments this morning, and they switched him to a stronger medicine for his breathing machine (inhaler). Mary is going to have a longggg weekend.

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Tipper said...

I hope Brayden feels better soon. And I hope he outgrows his respiratory problems. My daughter did-when she was about 8 she finally won the battle and has done well since. Any change in the weather use to set her off. And the heat seemed to be worse than the cold. I hope you both have a soothing weekend.