Aug 2, 2008

CVS Gift Card Giveaway

Have you figured out how to shop CVS for free or nearly free products? Do you know what an ECB is? Do you understand how to combine coupons with CVS deals and sometimes walk away making money on your purchases? It most definitely can be done! And now, you can read step by step instructions on how the process works (and more importantly, how it can work for YOU) at the Centsible Savings web site. The one thing most people fail to understand is that to you need to spend some "seed money" to get the whole process going. That's right - you need to spend money to make money. But to make it a little easier for you, Centible Savings web site is having a $5 CVS Gift Card Giveaway! Leave a comment on her web site before 08/09 and you'll be in the drawing. If you're an experienced CVS shopper, you know you can put that $5 to good use. If you're new to the whole CVS thing, the $5 will start you off on your first frugal venture to ECB land! Good luck!

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