Aug 8, 2008

Eating dinner out on a frugal budget

When we decide to live our lives in a more frugal fashion, one of the first thing we're advised to do is limit the amount of money we spend on entertainment, including eating out. Paying as much for one dinner as you normally spend for a week's worth of groceries, just doesn't make sense when you're watching your frugal pennies. But what if you could eat out at one of your favorite local restaurants (or even better, try out a new restaurant) for such a low price that you can't even cook at home for the amount?! THIS OFFER HAS BEEN EXTENDED THROUGH SUNDAY 08/10/08!! YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT DEAL! For the first time ever, has announced a ONE DAY SALE of it's $25 gift certificates -- for just $2!!!! That's 80% OFF their normal GC price!!! At this price, you may want to buy several today -- for upcoming birthdays, anniversary, date night, co-worker gifts, etc.!!! First, check out the web site and see what local restaurants are available to you (you will probably be pleasantly surprised!). Then, with each gift certificate you choose, be sure and read the fine print -- some may have a requirement for the number in the party, how much total you must spend, etc. Some have no requirements at all. Click on the web link below and use the CODE WORD given. For the first time ever, Take 80% off 25 Gift Certificates. Pay $2 when you use the code FIRST.Now valid through 8-10-08.


karen said...

Hi Joan,
I JUST bought some gift certificates with that code!! There's a place in Derry I've been wanting to try called Brookstone Grille, and I bought a $50 GC for $4! If you subscribe to - they let you know all the time when has specials.

Tipper said...

Thanks for the tip!

Lisa said...

I told my friend Kristen about this, and she took advantage of it for prizes for a baby shower she's co-hosting down in Boulder. It actually let her take 80 percent off the $10 gift certificates with that code.

I haven't taken advantage of it yet because I haven't discussed it with Jeff. Unfortunately, there are really no restaurants in our area of Colorado, but there are plenty in Denver. However, I have no idea where any of them are and if we would realistically go down there. If it's a lot of effort to go, it tends to get put off, and they it's something in the back of my mind that I/we didn't do. If that makes sense. :)