Aug 7, 2008

DeClutter Challenge - Day 7

A quick post - today is a babysitting day and Brayden is due in any minute. The next few days will be just a quick DeClutter Challenge post, as we are headed out to drive some of the 640 mile "World's Longest Yard Sale" from Ohio to Kentucky and probably into Tennessee! I'm excited! But I'm also thinking this DeClutter Challenge mustn't be offset by bringing more clutter back into the house, so I am going with a list of things I'm looking for (an antique bedroom set being the main one), and I'll try hard to stick to the list. This morning I decluttered my lingerie drawer of pieces I don't wear or don't like when I do wear them! The photo is just a jumbled mess simply because I don't want to post photos of my undies (or give a thrill to those folks who end up on my web site because they're googling "housewife pics"...sigh sigh sigh.)!

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Anonymous said...

Joan, I was thinking the same thing! Don't want to bring anymore new "clutter" into your house, which is easy to do with going to yard sales! Have fun. Marcy P.S. Your undies look much better than mine (don't see any holes!)