Jul 14, 2008

Menu Planning Monday - Hot Summer Days

With the exception of Monday and Tuesday, this week's forecast is hot, hot and hotter! Temps will be in the mid 90's and high humidity. I am planning on cooking meals on Monday and Tuesday that will give me leftovers to use the rest of the week.
Monday Pork roast Browned potatoes - cook extra for homefries Fresh brocolli Tuesday Spaghetti, Meatballs (Make extra meatballs for freezer) Green salad Wednesday Chef Salad Leftover pork, lettuce, tomatoes from garden, green pepper, radishes Onions, croutons, chopped egg Thursday Meatball subs Green salad w/garden tomatoes Friday Breakfast for Dinner Omelettes w/cheese, onions & leftover veggies Bacon, home fries Saturday Grilled meatball veggie pizza (I'll try and post the recipe that day) Sunday Hot dogs on grill Homemade cole slaw Baked beans (canned)
Ahhhh -- good news. With the exception of a few items (bread, milk, eggs, cole slaw mix , lettuce), I don't have to go grocery shopping this week! And that's after three weeks of spending under $70 per week!


Hadias said...

What a smart tip. Cooking once and eating twice. I'll bet you save alot of time in the kitchen.

Great menu.

Brooke said...

i'm hoping to do breakfast for dinner sometime next week - pancakes and sausage. since i don't cook breakfast much i'm looking forward to it! :)

do you know what type of breakfast you'll be having yet?

The Calico Quilter said...

Your entry for Friday cracked me up. We've been saying "have breakfast for dinner" for years, and I didn't know anyone else did! I love it too since my husband never wants to eat early in the morning, so I crave waffles and french toast and omelettes.

Karen said...

You have quite a few items on your menu that sound really good - especially the Chef Salad. I really like a good salad!