May 19, 2008

My Productive Weekend

We had a great weekend - did some garage sales Saturday morning and had some great finds!

I paid $5 for this little hand-stencilled table. Not sure where I'm going to put it -- probably in the guest bedroom.

I found these framed sets -- both nice "wall fillers". I especially like the second set as they are 3-dimensional little stores - a bookstore, wine store and restaurant, and you can peek in the windows and see little 3-D vingettes. Very sweet. Each set was .50 cents.

And this was a true find -- vintage (I'm guessing 1940's) kid's ceramic tile set to make designs and pictures. But guess what? They're perfect for designing quilt squares as well! In fact, if you look at the book, you can see some quilt square designs. Love this. Paid $5.00.

I also bought Brayden a raincoat (.25), a booster seat ($3) and a swimsuit (.25). Jeff bought some record albums (.25 each) and some very sweet antique pocket-mirrors with ladies' photos on the front. I picked up a brand new electric weedwacker for Mary ($5) and a set of those rubber alphabet mats that fit together like a puzzle for Brayden's room ($2).

When we came back from the yard sales, I headed over to the new Farmer's Market in town, to see what was being offered. No veggies yet (too early in the season) but I did pick up some stew meat and ham hocks, and a Rosemary plant for my herb garden. I look forward to the time when the fresh veggies come in.

The rest of Saturday was spent doing laundry and hanging clothes out, plus some minor housework. Sunday Jeff and I spent all day outside working on the (*#$(*& weeds. I got the front gardens done and even got them mulched. I spread some PREEN around before I put the mulch down, so hopefully that will delay at least some of the weeds during the summer. I also got some summer bulbs planted.

Today I'm cutting back on housework and heading to the backyard to get (hopefully) two more gardens done today. It's supposed to be a beautiful and DRY week here, so perhaps by the end of the week I'll be able to plant the vegetable garden finally. Brayden and I will go buy flowers for the front of the house on Wednesday, and I'll have him help me dig holes to put the flowers in. While cleaning out a dresser in the garage this weekend, I found two kits for making bird houses from large pop bottles, so I want to do that with him this week as well!

It's going to be a busy week!

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Tipper said...

I love yard/garage sales. Its the only time I can buy something for myself without feeling guilty.

I came across a site I thought you might be interested in-or you may already know about it it is she posts all kinds of deals and discounts. Some of them are for stores we don't have here-but I know you live in a bigger area. Anyway thought you might not know about it yet.