May 18, 2008

A little Brayden movie

Looking at the photos I posted yesterday, you'd think Brayden never smiles! He's actually full of giggles and beautiful smiles -- he's just very serious when he's busy doing anything that requires his full attention. But here's a short little movie of him in a more smiley mood. This is more of what I see during the day. At the time I took the movie, I didn't understand that he was pretending to be ME driving my car! By the way - check out my footstool in front of the chair in the background. That's an old stool they used to use at shoe stores! I found it at an auction many years ago and bought it so someday my grandchildren could sit on it and slide down it! And yes - he does! The music in the background is the Sirius Radio Kids Stuff channel. Brayden loves music, and I love having a radio on instead of TV all day.


Tipper said...

He is so adorable!! A real cutie pie!

Thank you for putting me in your sidebar-I'm going to return the favor. I have my list I just can't seem to get them put on the sidebar. My slow dialup doesn't help either.

Rhonda said...

Cute kid and movie.....I like your blogs...quilts and family.