Apr 18, 2008

Kroger shopping

I had no intention of going grocery shopping, but expiring coupons that matched sales lured me in today. But it was worth it!
Pork chops (assorted, which means 30% good pork chops and 70% pork "steaks") were on sale for .99 a lb. (normally $2.49 to $4.99). Kroger had sent me a "Loyalty" coupon for $2.50 off $10 pork purchase, so I bought 10 lbs of pork chops for $7.50 -- .75 cents a pound! I came home and divided it up into serving portions (2 adults) and we will get at least 10 meals (12 if I do additional stir fry meals), with meat for each meal costing only .75, or $.37 per person!
Kroger also had all their chicken at 40% off, so I picked up a Roaster -- starting price $10.80, sale price $6.50. Again, Kroger had sent me a "loyalty" coupon for $1.50 off $5 chicken purchase, which I used to get the roaster for $4 for an 8lb roaster, or .50 lb. We will get at least 3 dinners and sandwiches for 3 lunches, plus 2-3 meals of soup for that $4 purchase. Again, that's a decent meat meal for .50 per meal, or .25 per person!
I picked up 12 cans of Kroger canned vegetables, on sale for .33 a can (normally .79), and 3 8ounce packages of Kroger extra sharp cheddar cheese, at $1.50 per package (normally at least $2.89). They also had "expired" hamburger rolls (the bakery ones, not the flat Kroger brand) normally $1.99 for $.79. Those went right into the freezer. Kroger also had their brand of cereals on sale for $1.49 and $1.69 a box, so I added two boxes of cereal to the pantry.
So I don't feel bad about going grocery shopping. I stuck to my list (sale items only) and got some great bargains. Gas prices here jumped more than .30 a gallon this week to $3.49 a gallon, and you know that increase is going to hit at the grocery store shortly.
By the way, yes we survived the "earthquake"... but it did wake us up around 5:30 am. We're about 180 miles from the "center" of the 5.4 earthquake in Indiana, but it shook us enough to wake us both up and wonder what it was. You just don't expect earthquakes in Ohio! Live and learn!

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