Apr 17, 2008

A Giveaway on my other blog & being not so frugal

I have another blog, My Quilt Life and am currently holding a giveaway and hope you'll stop by and comment and be in the drawing. All comments through 04/30/08 will be used in a drawing on 05/02/08. If anyone has a problem leaving a comment, just email me (JoanOH AT cinci dot rr dot com). Being NOT so frugal Yesterday I talked to a neighborhood teenager about helping me out for a few hours a week with the yard and garden. Woo Hoo! He's a big strapping kid and as nice as can be, and I know he needs the work. I am thrilled that I'll have some help because this year my back problems just are not going to let me do much digging or roto-tilling on my own. My vegetable garden is 20 by 75 feet and it's a lot of work. Unfortunately, the "frugalness" of the vegetable garden is going to fly out the window because it will be offset by my paying someone to help... sigh. In addition to the vegetable garden, I have a perennial garden that needs major work - dividing plants and moving them - and I'll have him help me with those. We have 20 trees due in soon, and he can help plant those as well. I'll continue to do the lighter weeding and planting, but it will be great to have a big strong back around to help me out. I believe 3 hrs a week for 3-4 weeks ought to do it. Maybe I'll just have to plant an extra large crop of veggies to make up for the money I'll have to pay him, but it will be well worth it to keep the yard maintained and the gardens back to their glory days!

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