Apr 20, 2008

Comment on a comment

Got to love "Anonymous" comments... Here's one I got today: So, I don't get it. You did a freezer inventory and found you had frozen EVERYTHING and then you went to K-Roger as a "loyal" customer and bought more dead animals to freeze, even though a couple of days ago you said you wouldn't have to go to the grocery store for a month. Duh. I'm just dense, but do you ever READ what you write?

I guess I shouldn't comment on the "I'm just dense" part... mustn't offend a blog reader and all that. However, you missed the point. My challenge is to cut my grocery bill back by almost 50%. It just happened that Kroger had sent me Loyal Customer coupons that matched items they had on sale, and the coupons were about to expire. Throwing out those coupons for something I would normally buy, would be like throwing away $7.50 cash. Any time I can get a meat meal (which, apparently, is not to your liking... each to his own on that one) for .26 per person.. hey, I'm dancing in the aisles. It is RARE (occassion-wise, not meat-wise) that I can purchase meats for that price.

So, dear commentor, YES I read what I write but Life Happens. Things Change. Big Money has been $aved and that's the goal here. And you might just want to look away cuz you never know -- I MAY even do it again :)

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Kim said...

Anon comments are so annoying. I don't care what I have in the freezer, I'd be heading to the store too if I got great coupons. That is the only way to keep ahead on your food budget!