Mar 26, 2008

My Science Experiment

I keep seeing ads on TV for something called "Green Bags", which are advertised to stop produce from spoiling in the fridge. I do admit that I throw out far more produce than I'd like, so these bags interested me. I got on the web and started reading reviews -- and review after review said they didn't work.

But I also read what some people say DID work... and tried my own little experiement.

I bought two bags of mixed salad greens, both with the same expiration date. I opened them on the same day (the day after buying them at the store), and put both salads in a Kroger brand zip storage bag. In one bag I put two pieces of paper towel, with the greens sandwiched in between. In the second bag, I did not put paper towels. When I sealed both bags, I tried to remove as much air as I could, though not going to any extreme to do so. Both bags were opened one time during the week with about one-half of the contents removed. After seven days of being in the ziplock bags, here are the results:

You can see that the bag on the left (with the paper towel) is still green, bright, and without brown spots! The bag on the right is just the opposite and had to be thrown out.

While the "green bags" are getting terrible reviews, this paper towel trick works beautifully and costs just a few cents.

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tipper said...

Thank you for the info. I have wondered about those bags, I too sometimes throw out stuff I should have used. Even though I put it in my garden compost-I still feel guilty for wasting it. I will use the paper towels from now on!