Mar 18, 2008

A good (and frugal) recipe

This is a great pilaf-style recipe I use often when I need to use up leftovers. It comes from a book written in the 1990's titled THE COMPLETE TIGHTWAD GAZETTE by Amy Dacyczyn. It's one of those "Pick one from Column A, one from Column B..." type recipes, and you adapt it to whatever you have in your refrigerator, freezer or cupboards at the time. Great way to use up leftover meats and veggies. GROUPS Grains - 1 cup --Uncooked brown or white rice --Bulgur --Couscous --Other favorite grain Fat - 2 tbsp --Olive oil --Butter, margarine --Vegetable oil --Other favorite oil Base Vegetable - 2-3 cloves garlic, minced AND --one small onion, cut up --three shallots --one small leek Liquid - 2 cups -- Vegetable broth -- Chicken broth -- Cooking water from boiled vegetables --Water Meat or Protein - 1/2 to 2/3 cup --Chicken, cut up --Tuna --Cooked white or red beans --White fish --Hamburger --Cheap steak cut into cubes Additional vegetable - 1/2 cup frozen or fresh --Peas --Carrots, cut up --Corn --Green peppers --Celery --and/or any favorite vegetable except leafy or potatoes Seasoning - Whatever works and to taste


Heat fat in large cast-iron or non-stick skillet. When hot, add the base vegetables and cook until golden and translucent. Add the meat and brown (unless you're adding tuna -- don't add yet). Add the grain and fry for a minute or so to coat it with fat. Add the liquid and bring to a boil (add tuna now). Add the other vegetable(s), season, stir, return to a boil, simmer, and cover. Check it often. Whole grains will take about 40 mins to cook, white rice about 15 minutes. When the liquid is completely absorbed, it's done. Stir, season to taste, and serve.


Tipper said...

Can't wait to try this recipe. Its always nice to have one like this that you can change up depending on what you have. Love the tip about cleaning with windex. Its so true- dusting is my least favorite activity but it helps to break it up into small time frames. You have a neat blog or should I say blogs.

Joan said...

Thanks, Tipper. Love your blog too! Brought back some wonderful memories of my days volunteering in the mountains of KY. Thanks for stopping by.