Mar 17, 2008

Today's List

Things you will never see on this blog:
  • Britney Spears anything.
  • Lindsay Lohan anything.
  • Paris Hilton anything.
  • Political discussions - (my son needs to create a blog for that one)
  • Religious discussions
  • A post about how quickly and thoroughly I Spring-cleaned my house ...sigh
  • Favorite egg recipes (I don't like eggs - except quiche - and I make a great crustless quiche so this one's not set in stone.)
  • A tutorial on how my husband inserted my sewing machine into my sewing table (apparently, despite my begging, this isn't going to happen -- he doesn't want to wreck the vintage desk I sew on.)
  • A photo of the newest $500 handbag I found on sale for $125. ($25 - maybe)

1 comment:

Lucy said...

re: Brittny/Lindsay/Paris: Bless you. And thank you.