Mar 19, 2008

Tears in my eyes -- from laughing!

I've mentioned how Cincinnati folks over-react when it snows. One snowflake and it's instant panic on the roads and in the grocery stores. Well, we're having some nasty weather here and granted, many areas are having some major flooding, which is no joke. I'm not going to make light of people actually experiencing major flooding. But c'mon.. take a look at this link (sorry, I can't figure out how to move the picture here), and to Picture #6 in the group -- the one with the boat. Now look down... see the wheels? See the fireman's boots?? The water can't be more than a half inch deep! LOL!!! Do you think it was really necessary to put these people in a boat????


karen said...

Whatever happened after you had that "giant" snowstorm a couple weeks ago? How long did they close schools for?

Joan said...

Honestly, because I don't have kids in school I didn't notice. I think our local district was just out two days -- but others in the area were out more than that. I just didn't pay that much attention! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure it was necessary or they wouldn't do it. The back of the home and the neighborhood are probably very deep in water and they are using the boat to evacuate people in all areas. Even though there doesn't appear to be much water in the front of the house....I bet they encounter flooding on the way out and they aren't able to drive people out - guess what? That's why the boat is there! Guess I wouldn't be laughing hysterically at this. People losing everything is not my type of humor.

Joan said...

Anonymous, it sounds like you were offended, and I'm sorry for that. But the rest of this story was on the local TV news, and no, there was not more flooding than this at this particular location. As I said (clearly), I would never make light of anyone going through flooding conditions -- this was not one of those situations. Please don't try to read something into this that just isn't there.

Lisa said...

I kind of agree with anonymous. They set up these procedures, and then they have to follow them no matter what. There is no time in an emergency situation to think about what will "work"; the procedures are simply followed regardless of what could be done differently. The moment these procedures aren't followed, someone gets hurt (however unlikely it seems) and then everyone is questioning what went wrong.

It may be silly, but it takes a lot more time and money for someone to rethink the system.

The part that I agree with anonymous about is that there may be high water 100 feet away and out of the picture.

Just my two cents... ;)


Joan said...

OK, I took the link down. I debated with myself on this one, but thought "what if the lady in the boat should happen to see this OR the rescue workers?" and down it came. However, I'm not taking the post down on general principle - everything I say in my blog may not be "politically correct" but I'm not going to start editting my opinions (or my sense of humor) because it might offend someone who reads it. It's my blog, after all :)