Jan 14, 2008

A day in the life...

Last night before I went to bed, I thought to myself, "Tomorrow's going to be a good day. I'm caught up on laundry, caught up on housework... I'll do some grocery shopping and then spend the day quilting and sewing..." I jinxed myself. Our phone rang at 7am this morning and it was Mary. She was in a car accident on her way to work. She's fine, Brayden is fine (yes, he was in the car), and that's what's important. The roads were absolutely treacherous -- a fine mist had frozen and then we had snow showers on top of the ice. No salt trucks to be seen (despite the fact they often treat our roads when it's 40 degrees outside and no forecast of snow or ice!). It took us almost an hour to make it the 5 miles to the scene of the accident. The other driver had tried to stop for a red light but didn't make it and T-boned Mary's SUV. We still don't know if he was insured or not. His car was definitely totalled. Mary is insured for liability only. Her car isn't totalled, but it's not good. The passenger side is pushed in and the passenger side door's window popped almost out. I don't know what she's going to do if this guy isn't insured. Her car probably has at least a few thousand dollars in damage, and, although it can be driven, it's not really driveable because of the window. The poor kid gets two steps forward and something new throws her 3 steps back. My heart just aches for her. And my heart aches for Brayden. This is his second bad accident in six months!!! The poor little guy was shaken up, for sure. We took him in our car and had Mary drive her car back to our house, and all he did was sit in his car seat and say over and over, "Momma, Momma...." She took the day off today and he is glued to her side. The poor little guy. So... we'll see what happens. We're all trying not to worry until it's time to worry. We're all mentally drained from the stress of the accident and the stress of the drive over and back on sheer ice covered roadways. My car has a little light that goes on when the car looses traction, and that little light blinked on and off throughout the 5 mile drive... talk about nerve-wracking!

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