Jan 13, 2008

It's a Love Hate relationship

Brayden and Joey (the killer cat) have a love-hate relationship going on. Brayden loves Joey. Joey hates everyone. Brayden has a dog at home that will spend hour after hour chasing anything that Brayden throws for him. Brayden thinks Joey should do the same. Joey sometimes accomodates him, but most times just ignores him. Joey often times scratches and bites Brayden, much to Brayden's (and my) chagrin. All Brayden wants to do is cuddle and pet Joey. All Joey wants is to be left alone. Brayden has learned to watch out for "the look" that Joey gives before he's about to bite or scratch, and Brayden has learned to respect the fact that Joey will, indeed, hurt him at times. But that little boy is BRAVE! I have watched this week as he works to overcome his fears of Joey in his ongoing quest to make friends with him. In this video, you'll see Brayden point at the toy he and Joey are playing with and say, "Umma" (his name for me). That means -- "Could you please get this for me because if I reach in there to get it, Joey's going to bite or scratch me."

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