Dec 11, 2007

I know this is weird, but...

I have a problem with leg cramps when I wear shoes with heels. Not the usual calf-folding leg cramps -- these are actually worse. They are leg cramps from my ankles up the FRONT of my shins. They are absolutely debilitating and none of the standard leg cramp methods (stretching the muscles, standing on a cold floor) work with them. So.... I got on the Internet and did a little research, and by pure chance, read a posting by a lady whose mother swears that a tablespoon of MUSTARD provides instant relief for her leg cramps. I was suffering horribly from these leg cramps as I was reading it and figured I had nothing to lose by trying this home remedy and grabbed a spoon and the mustard bottle and gulped down a tablespoon of mustard. I-N-S-T-A-N-T relief. I mean - INSTANT! Now this may be a mental thing or this may actually work. And either way, I don't care! It did what it did and it did it fast and it worked. LOL! My husband and daughter think I'm officially insane now, but for me -- MUSTARD is the new miracle medicine for leg cramps!

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