Dec 19, 2007

Brayden and Joey

A little movie of Brayden's new light-up Spiderman boots. I also have a movie of him stomping to make the lights light up, but it's too dark to show here (and Brayden's head is cut out of the movie! I never said I was a great movie-creator!). But this little movie is Brayden with his boots, and the first movie of him talking -- saying "red" and "blue". Brayden is also shown in the movie loving Joey, our cat. Brayden loves Joey. Joey loves no one. The only reason Brayden can get this close to Joey is because Joey is busy eating! In almost any other situation, Joey would turn around and cuff Brayden for getting too close... sigh. It's probably Brayden's biggest frustration in life at this point!

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