Dec 10, 2007

Monday's To Do List

Jeff and I spent both Saturday and Sunday morning cleaning house. On Saturday we did the downstairs -- first, an all-over pick-up of toys and mess from Brayden being here all day Friday. Then I dusted and windexed and cleaned the kitchen while Jeff vac'd. On Sunday, we joined forces to clean the upstairs. We worked together to change the master bedroom sheets, then I cleaned my bathroom and he cleaned his, then he vac'd while I dusted and windexed. It all goes so much faster when two people are working together! So today, my normal "heavy housework" day is pretty free. I only have two major things I need to do today, housework-wise! The rest of the day will be spent finishing up some Christmas presents. Monday's To Do List
  • Make bed - done
  • Make Jeff's breakfast - done
  • Pack Jeff's lunch - done
  • Clean up kitchen - done
  • Empty refrigerator, wash down shelves, re-organize - done
  • Clean downstairs bathroom - done
  • Make grocery list for shopping tomorrow - done
  • Phone calls - done

That's it! I may do some laundry as well, but it's just sheets and towels, so it's not a "have to".

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