Nov 12, 2007

Upcoming holidays

I've been doing some of my Thanksgiving food shopping over the past two or three months, as items I need appear on sale. All I have left to buy is my turkey. I normally buy a 20-22 lb. turkey, even though there's usually just 4 or 5 of us for dinner. Why? Because we love leftovers even more than we love the big meal itself. Turkey soup, turkey burgers, and what we call "TV dinners". These are thanksgiving day leftovers placed in individual meal sizes in aluminum pie pans and frozen. I'd like to have 10 or 12 of these, but we usually end up with only 5 or 6. I found this great website that tells you not just how much turkey to buy for the number of people at your table, but also the amount of potatoes, green beans, pies, etc.! Here's the link: One of my life-long goals was to have both my kids and grandchildren sitting at the Thanksgiving table. As yet, we've not quite managed it, but it is such a blessing to look across the table and see Brayden there! Last year he ate only baby food, of course, but his presence was enough. This year I'm sure he'll share in the actual food. I'm looking forward to it. I will miss my son and his wife, however. Thanksgiving just isn't complete without your entire family. I will think of them as I sit at the table, and I will think of him throughout the day. I wish he could be here, but I do understand why he won't be. I've also started thinking about Christmas. Jeff and I are discussing budgets and how much we want to spend. I've always been pretty good about sticking to the given budget, so this year will be no problem, after 30 years of practice :) The name of the game is to not use a credit card or go into debt for Christmas. I have solid ideas on what to get JJ and Lisa for Christmas, and need to order it. Mary is more difficult, though she has given me a few good ideas. Since Mary's husband will not be around this year, she and Brayden will stay here on Christmas Eve. I'm excited about that! Even at her age, Mary has a child's spirit when it comes to Christmas, and it's infectious. I know Brayden will also be a joy to have here Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I can't wait!

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