Nov 14, 2007

Three kitchen items I can't live without

There are three items in my kitchen (aside from the obvious pots & pans, dishes, basic utensils, etc.) that I just can't live without or that make cooking so much easier that I would go out and buy a replacement immediately. They are:
  1. Pam Spray - I'm not sure I even know how to cook without it anymore. What did we do before it was invented?? I use it on so many things -- meatloaf pans, cookie sheets, muffin pans, regular fry pans and more. It's like "Non-stick in a bottle".
  2. My small food processor/chopper. I use it to chop onions, green peppers, carrots. I use it to make tuna, ham or chicken salad. I use it to chop nuts during Christmas cookie season. So much faster, easier and less messy than using a knife and cutting board!
  3. My fry pan splatter screen. Being low-carbers, I tend to cook bacon, sausage, hamburger a bit more than most. My extra-large splatter screen fits over any fry pan I have in the house. Not only does it save me a lot of grease-splatter clean up, but it also saves my clothes from grease splatters and saves my hands and face from nasty splatter burns!

Recently my kitchen shears broke. Although I'm not going to run and out replace them immediately, I am surprised to find how often I miss them. I use them to de-bone chicken, remove chicken skin, open packages of food, trim wicks on candles and more! I find myself reaching for them quite often. A good pair of kitchen shears are actually a bit expensive, so a replacement will have to wait until after Christmas, but I do miss them!

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