Nov 11, 2007

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Today is my anniversary. I have been a parent for 28 years. Yes, it's my son's birthday. Happy Birthday, JJ!!!! Twenty-eight years ago today Jeff and I became parents to the world's best son :) Things I remember best about JJ when he was young:

-- His first words (other than Mama and Dada) were "Yup OK". He did not say "no" until he was more than 3 years old!
-- There were no terrible two's. He always had a sunny disposition and rarely acted up in public. I don't remember temper tantrums at all.
-- He was, and still is, one of the brightest people I've ever met. He read by 3 years old, spoke clearly and with an advanced vocabulary at a very early age, and had a very adult sense of humor, which people often mistook for him being precoscious. He also had a wonderful sense of right and wrong.
-- He loved stop lights, the water tower in Lawrence, MA, every holiday, and his grandfather. He loved anything to do with Math and numbers, and firmly believed he was meant to invent things. He was an avid reader throughout elementary school.

Now an adult, he carries over many of the characteristics he showed at such an early age.
-- He has an excellent and exceptional sense of responsibility and work ethic.
-- Family means everything to him.
-- He still has the same off-beat sense of humor.
-- He is self-confident with every right to be so.

I'm proud of my son. He means the world to his Dad and I, and we're so happy that he's happy with his life and his work.

Happy birthday, sweetie :)

xxoo, Mom

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